Wildfire Wrap


Still gonna give it a couple of week before we determine an average. Last night was a mirror of last week…however it did seem like kids came alot later than the previous week.  Did the rain slow them down?


Week 2 of the “Do Hard Things” series.  Now the focus shifts to challenging them to actually DOING HARD THINGS this year. Last night I challanged them out of their comfortzones. Here was the Big Idea; If we take a step despite feeling uncomfortable, afraid or inadequate, our comfort zones expand. Felt like it landed well, hard to cram a whole chapter of a book into a 15 min discussion starter…still need to work on timing abit.  The unscripted portion got a significant upgrade this week…for the first time in Wildfire history…we had students text in questions from their very own cell phones! How you might ask? Well thanks to GoogleVoice and wireless in our gym, I was able to read their questions right from the stage on my notebook.  It worked out excellent for a first night…we had over 32 questions! Now alot of them were silly ones…or just kids making stupid comments to get me to laugh, but I expected that.  We are going to let it evolve as the year rolls on…a new volunteer approached me last night and said that he passed his phone around so kids could text in their questions! What a great idea I hadnt thought of.  Love technology and I love students…what an epic combination.

Volunteer Involvement

This week I was able to spend alot more time during the community time getting to know some of our new leaders. It was awesome to see a handful of them that are excited about serving students and were willing to help out wherever needed! That being said we still need more leaders to make our small groups optimim size when they start next month. Ron will be sending out a couple emails today to ask for more parent support.


The program was another stellar one! Honestly can’t think of one tech issue which always rocks and helps us better connect students with God.  Jenna was back for our game with another crowd favorite; “Turkey Bowling!” Who would’ve thought bowling with a frozen turkey on the gym floor could be sooo fun? Nick released his team to lead the worship set without him…they did well. Always a good to see students serving…

We showed another talking animals clip as I promised the students. Check out this weeks vid;

Final Thought

Once again I left last night feeling very encouraged. It never ceases to amaze me the path that God has taken me on since I started volunteering in middle school ministry back in 98’…what a ride its been. Student Ministry is a unique ministry in the church, both important and fun. As I drove a couple of students home last night, looking up at the rain hitting the window I thought; maybe I am supposed to be in youth ministry for life. What’s all this thought of being a senior pastor? Would I ever find this sort of fulfillment and purpose working with adults? No one knows for sure where ministry will take me over the years…but right now I continue to enjoy impacting the lives of these pre-teens…seeking to bring light into their often dark and confusing lives.

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2 thoughts on “Wildfire Wrap

  1. So great of you to have the kids text in questions in realtime! That idea should be passed around seminars and other group events. Most people are too shy to ask a question or give a comment in public. As for working with adults, bring on the turkey bowling!

  2. The texting questions did work great! Hope the silly ones will tone down a little but i think kids are finally starting to get the idea of unscripted :)

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