Wildfire Wrap


Alright one more week and we will start calling an average attendance. Looks like its gonna be around 150.


Still loving the new format, more discussion and less lecture feel. Last night I challenged students to Do Hard Things that go beyond whats expected or required of them. The Big Idea was; “Do Hard Things” means fighting for greater levels of excellence because there is always something harder to do. It is never a matter of arriving; it is a constant battle for growth.

I was especially encouraged last night to hear a number of students buying the Do Hard Things book. While I mentioned it the first week I really havent been harping that they should buy it…yet something with the series is connecting enough to make them want more.

Volunteer Involvement

Definitely the biggest turn out yet of volunteers. My anxiety of whether or not we are gonna have enough this year has lowered a bit.  Its was awesome to watch two of our new guy leaders step in and almost immediately connect with students.  Might seem like a duh statement to you, but alot of times new leaders are pretty fearful of stepping out and talking to students for the first time. It was also awesome to watch Mary and Marin step up and do announcements and the welcome! They both did a great job and had nothing to be nervous about.


Last night was the first of something new we are trying this year; Interactive Game Nights. One Wednesday a month we are trading the worship portion of the night for a game that involves every student. This decision came directly from asking a student what he would like changed about Wildfire, his reply was to have more interactive games where each kid gets to play. So last night Jenna led our group in Car Lot which is a version of shark and minnows, basically a tag game that had students run when their “car” is called. Overall seemed like it worked well, loved watching students and leaders darting across the gym floor.  We will have to work on the amount of students we let play at a given time though, when you have 145 people on the gym floor it can become alittle cramped. 

For the WiFi we showed another talking animal video.  Check it out;

Final Thought

Last night during the community time a student stopped me and told me that he had written a 500 word essay on me for his class. Seriously? I asked him like why…what the assignment was. He told me they had to write about a person who has been a positive impact in their life. Whew…everything slows down, perspective set once again…THIS is what it’s all about. Wonder if students ever get just how powerful their words (and actions) can be, how God can use them to minister to adults…even their youth pastor.

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.   1 Timothy 4:12NIV

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One thought on “Wildfire Wrap

  1. I hope kids in my ministry write 500 word essays about me! cant wait to read the one the student wrote about you. Agree with you a lot about the feel of last night, thought the transition time between the game and talk was really smooth and the vibe just felt right!

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