The Soul of Parenting

Growing up did either of your parents tell you that there are things that you simply wont understand until you are a parent yourself? My mom still loves to tell me this frequently…usually when she is trying to express the unique love a parent has for a child.  Recently I watched the first two episodes of LIFE a new Discovery Channel series that follows in the footsteps of their award winning Planet Earth series.  I am usually not the nature show kinda guy (I am from Detroit remember?)…admittedly I tuned in because it was in HD and was narrated by Oprah.  Surprisingly I was sucked in and enjoyed learning about the complexity of life in the animal kingdom.

In the first episode I was particularly amazed at the story of what great lengths a mother frog will go for her babies. She climbs all the way to the very top of a very tall tree with a tadpole on her back, which is the equivalent of miles for her to travel to drop her baby in a pool of rain water formed in a center of a plant.  Even more amazing is that she doesn’t do this once but multiple times for each of her little ones and continues to feed them with her own eggs for weeks!  Amazing! Later on they shared about a giant octopus that once pregnant finds a cave and lays there to her death to simply take care of her 100,000 baby eggs.  Now that is devotion! I see that kind of devotion in a lot of the parents I work with in middle school, parents working multiple jobs to get their kids through college, some driving everywhere under heaven to make sure they are socially involved. Sadly I also see some lacking the short of devotion needed to raise a kid in today’s world…ones who seem to have given up a long time ago and are merely hoping they turn out well. 

Oprah quotes someone  saying that the “soul of parenting is the capacity to sacrifice.” I think this is what my mom is getting at…this unique bond between parent and child seems to be instinctual scientists might say. I however believe it has to do with us being like our Daddy…that whole “made in His image” thing? The heart of our Father is to sacrifice for His children, which is the very thing we celebrate this Easter week.

If you haven’t yet check out LIFE on Discovery pretty cool stuff.

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2 thoughts on “The Soul of Parenting

  1. I gave up Idol so I could watch Life. I love these types of series that Discovery does. It isn’t as good as Planet Earth but it is still awesome.

  2. I like this. This is one of the reasons I’m so excited to be a dad. Whenever I reflect on what my parents have done for me and have put up to raise me I can’t help but think of Christ’s love shining through them. They truly do sacrifice so much for us and take so much disrespect and hate from us sometimes. Yet they continue to love and serve us. I love my parents so much for this.

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