Wildfire Wrap




Started a three-week series called REWIND…the idea is to share three of my favorite talks with the students that I’ve done in my six years here at Sunset.  The first one I picked was called; “Does God Hear My Prayers?”  The big idea being that religious people often say God hears every one of our prayers and yet our experience seems to be the exact opposite. I share with them 3 “plugs” that block God’s ears from hearing our prayers; unbelief, wrong reasons and sin.  I think it landed pretty well, heard some good feedback from a couple small group leaders.

Volunteer Involvement

Awesome night with our volunteer team! Awesome to have them remain so faithful during this transition.


Worship was great last night.  Tyler introduced a new song and “mashed” it up with the Stand.  Thought it worked out really well.  Luke led us in “Take a Bite or Take a Seat.” Always a crowd favorite…and always grosses me out.  For the WiFi video Austin found a very relevant clip for all of our graduates…it was over at Break.com so to see it you will have to click HERE.

Final Thought

I guess it’s supposed to feel weird when you tell people who you will be leaving them in a month and yet you continue to still meet with them four more times, hoping to lead and teach them.  I’m trying not to be sensitive and notice some people pulling back relationally…I don’t blame them, but it doesn’t make this any easier to step out of this position.  I desire to end well and set the ministry up for whomever comes next.