Did God Do This?

Last summer Tyler and I did a bible study  on God’s sovereignty. One of the questions you wrestle with when you talk about God’s sovereignty is to what degree does God control life on earth? Does He control things like the weather, car accidents, earthquakes in Haiti, planes flying into buildings or lightning destroying statues of His Son?

Not sure if you knew of this statue before, but it actually was one of the ten tallest statues in the United States.  It had a lot of nicknames; Touchdown Jesus and Big Butter Jesus being the most common.  The “King of Kings” statue as the church calls it stood tall encouraging those speeding past on I-75 for many years until last Monday night when it was struck by lightning and burnt to a crisp. This is the kind of story where I don’t know whether to laugh at the coincidence of lightning taking out a statue like this or wonder if God was showing His disapproval of this statue (maybe He prefered a darker complexion) or something going on at the church. 

What is your first/gut reaction? Coincidence or God’s Providence?

(Thanks to Marko for tipping me off to this story. You can read more about it HERE including a local news report on the statue)

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One thought on “Did God Do This?

  1. God did this, he did not like the statue and what people were calling it… thats my view at least

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