9 Years.

Ever since 9/11 I’ve kept the above picture on my desk in an effort to remember this tragic event.  Knowing myself I knew that as time passed I would be tempted to forget this day, how I felt and how our security was taken away in a matter of minutes. Never before in my lifetime had anyone attacked America’s Homeland. I know it was naive to think that this couldn’t ever happen here, but I think there was alot of reason for us to believe this.  Partly due to the amount of time since a strike on America this significant had happened…60 years? Pearl Harbor? And even that was different because it wasnt on the mainland. Personally I was 20 on 9/11 and that’s quite a long time to live without any major attack. I also believe the media and what we were taught growing up about Americas place in the world, being #1, the best & strongest nation in the world has a way of making you think you were safe from these sort of attacks.

Seems like most of America has forgot again just what terrorists are capable of. I sense due to the rhetoric I hear on TV and in water cooler conversations that we have lost that healthy fear of our enemies and the need to protect ourselves from them.  In our fast-paced culture how could we remember that something like this CAN indeed happen here? I would submit something I heard a radio commentator suggest in the weeks following 9/11…you know when liberals began to censor the raw images of planes crashing into buildings? Do you remember the images quickly leaving our TVs until they were all but gone? This commentator suggested that the only way to keep us from forgetting we would need to see the event every single day. He said there should be a cable channel access channel that all it plays over and over was the footage of the events of 9/11.  While this would not be “politically correct”, I do think it would have helped many not quickly lose what we learned in the fall of 2001; America was no longer safe from terrorists on the other side of the globe AND we must do whatever necessary to prevent any further attacks.

I’m thankful none have happened yet…at least for the past 9 years. Have you forgotten? May this remind you;

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