Thoughts on the VMAs

I am not what you call a “frequent” MTV viewer, however I try and tune each year to the VMAs (video music awards) to see the latest in the music industry.  As a person who values cultural relevance, I think the VMAs is a “must watch.” Why? Well you can learn more in that 3 hours about what culture values than in a full semester in a college course designed to study youth culture.  Last nights show was very similar to previous years, showcasing just how low the music industry has come.  Just take the last 20 minutes; Gaga wins video of the year and accepts her award wearing an outfit made out of meat? For her acceptence speech she introduces the title of her next alblum and sings a line from it; “We are born this way!” Wow. Talk about an in-your-face message. Then they ended the entire night with an off-key, negative, vulgar Kanye song called “Runaway…” which had the chorus; “let’s raise a glass to the douche bags, lets have a toast for the a**holes, lets have a toast for the scumbags…everyone that I know, lets have a toast for the jerk-offs.” This is talent? If I didnt know better I would’ve thought he was bummed he didn’t win this year and was singing just to tick everyone off.

There were a couple of brighter moments…Taylor Swift kept her clean-girl image well intact and sang a great new song “Innocent“. Paramore’s lead singer rocked out on “Airplanes” which had an amazing star-filled backdrop behind her as she sang.  My personal favorite was Linkin Parks performance of Catalyst.  The song itself sounded awesome, but what really stood out was the unique venue. They played live at the Griffen Observatory overlooking LA…with the sun setting behind them.  See for yourself this epic performance (I recommend making it fullscreen). The lyrics matching the environment was epic;

God save us everyone, when we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns…

Far from the world of you and I
Where oceans bleed into the sky

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