Other than Presents

It’s almost Christmas and if you’re like me you are looking forward to most of it.  This year is going be unique for a number of reasons, the main one being that my income is quite smaller than years past.  So as I think of ways to give gifts this Christmas I have to think of giving gifts other than presents. Maybe you are right there with me this year or can relate when in years past you didnt have the luxury to go out and buy everyone something nice.  I thought it would be a helpful exercise personally to think of ways to give gifts this Christmas other than traditional presents. I will share my ideas but would love to hear yours or feel free to expand on the ones I am sharing.

Words – While it might sound a little trivial, maybe there is some way to bless a friend or family member with something you have never said to them before or have said in a long time.  Could be; “I love you.” Or maybe; “I’m Sorry.” Or how bout; “I’m proud of you.” Each of these has the potential of making someones Christmas.

Service – Is there something that needs to get done at your parents place? Do you know of a project that a friend has struggled to finish alone? Why not offer this Christmas to finish it once and for all.  There are few things more satisfying then finishing a job you have longed to complete.

Give em something you own – Now at first this might sound like re-gifting, but that’s not at all what I mean.  What I am suggesting is giving someone something valuable to you.  When we re-gift it’s usually something not valuable to us. Has a friend of yours always commented on something in your home when they visited you that you could give them? What about something passed down through families? Is it time you passed it on to some little one in your family?

Books - I think that a book given at the right time can be a Godsend.  Now some aren’t readers, but for everyone else passing along a book that had a significant impact on you has the potential to do the same for them.

Make a Memory - Some of the very best things about Christmas aren’t things at all.  Crazy how this makes complete sense to us and yet we still spend so much $$ on things.  Is there something you could do as a family or with friends this year that will be a memory shared for years? Maybe it’s a trip to see a relative, sledding, a night on the town, going to church or starting a Christmas tradition.

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One thought on “Other than Presents

  1. Wise and wonderful! I bet one of your gifts could be to help someone setup a blog! Or learn how to find things on the Internet (I am NOT being sarcastic). Books, too. They love to be passed along. Gifts of service are gifts of time – and isn’t that more valuable than things?

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