2011 Want List

As I begin to reflect on the past year and consider the year ahead, I have decided to post my 2011 “Want List.” Instead of trying to couch them in some savvy post I’ve opted for a more direct, concise list of things I want for 2011. Many of them come out of things that changed in 10′ while others remain desires from previous years.

In 2011 I want:

  • to stop wishing things would change and author the change I desire
  • to return to vocational ministry
  • single friends
  • to think less
  • to be healthier; eating & regular exercise
  • more income
  • to go to Rome
  • to stop being a “chump” and get over things & people quicker
  • a girlfriend
  • to experience more joy
  • an ipad :)
  • more Jesus
  • to be known for my kindness not criticism
  • the next chapter to begin

Excited to look back on this list in a year and see how many of them came about :) 2010 was a tough year with alot of change, so I’m hopeful that 2011 will be different.

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