12for12: Your DVD (LAST in series)

“What’s past is prologue.” – William Shakespeare

All of your years have prepared you for this one.  Donald Miller is big on story and seeing our lives from a narrative perspective.  A couple of years back he was teaching at a retreat I attended and asked us to discuss an interesting thought in our small groups: if your life was released on DVD what would be on the cover? The responses were very telling for it revealed how we view our lives as primarily comedies or tragedies. We also had a fun time considering what our DVD might be rated.

I suspect that we would feel a great deal more confident in our lives if we agreed with Shakespeare and viewed our past as prologue.  I also think we would have an easier time making peace with our past if we thought of it this way.  The good, the bad and even the ugly stuff can bring about great things in our future if we choose to let it.

What wisdom have the years given you? Where do you see this chapter of your life taking you based on what you learned in past chapters?

(BTW: This is the final post in the 12for12 blog series…I trust that you have enjoyed it and pray some of the quotes stick with you throughout this New Year.  Be blessed my friends for…The Best Is Yet To Come!)