Cool App:Doggcatcher

Are you into Podcasts? If not you should be. Think of it as radio shows on DVR.  Doggcatcher is one of my most used apps. Whether it is at the gym or on the road, I use Doggcatcher to keep up with tech news podcasts and my favorite Christian sermons/talks across the country. They are podcasts for just about every topic you could fathom. One thing I love about the app and was ultimately the reason I bought it was the ability to download the entire podcast instead of streaming them. This allows you to listen to them without good internet access and uses alot less battery. I have mine setup to download the latest episodes in the middle of the night while my phone is in WiFi, that way there is always something to listen to.

Unfortunately this app is only available on Android at this time. Proof that people with iPhones do miss out on stuff ;)

There is a trial version which can be found HERE

The FULL version can be found HERE for $4.99 (well worth it)