Cool App: aCar

Ever wanted to know just how much miles to the gallon your car is getting? Wouldn’t it be sweet to know how much money you have put into your car since purchasing it? While there’s an app for that…an app that makes storing all your vehicles history very easy. There are many apps out there that do similar stuff, but the app I use and enjoy is called aCar.  When I downgraded my 08′ Honda Civic and bought a 95′ Escort I began tracking every dollar and gallon of gasoline put into this car.  The data is huge over the course of a year. The app has a bunch of handy graphs and also allows you to see the “total cost of ownership” which basically adds everything up.  So what is my current “TCO?” $4918.11 (not including insurance costs).

There is a free and pro version…and I would definitely recommend the pro version to get the most out of it. The developer asks for a donation of $5 or more to go-pro.  I was unable to find this app for IOS users…but those with Android phones can find the app HERE.