The Iron Lady

Watched The Iron Lady tonight, a movie which is a biopic of Margaret Thatcher.  Overall I thought the movie spent too much time in her older years, stumbling through her memories and failed to display her full glory. As one reviewer wrote: maybe we shouldn’t expect any more from Hollywood portraying a conservative. If you like these kind of movies; alittle history mixed with alittle fiction than I think it’s worth a watch.

I penned a few thoughts after watching the film:

  • Even the greatest leaders among us are still human
  • Aging is one of the hardest parts of life
  • The very people who supported you one minute can turn on you the next
  • Life is so short
  • Leaders fail to lead if they focus on how people feel about them
  • Sometimes the right thing to do is the hard thing to do
  • Governments always fail which attempt to care for it’s people rather than empowering them to care for themselves

“We shall stand on principle or we will not stand at all.” Margaret Thatcher

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One thought on “The Iron Lady

  1. We watched it recently also and agree w/ your observations. Saw a “60 Minutes” interview w/ M. Streep the other night that was fascinating. She came away from the experience w/ a new appreciation for M. Thatcher, not what one would expect from a Hollywood type!

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