LP Does It Again!

Whether you are a fan or not you have to respect a band that can be so consistent at releasing hits over 2 decades. I mean I liked Linkin Park while I was in High School and they still are releasing good music reaching old as well as new fans.

I wasn’t a huge fan when I first heard their new song: Burn It Down…but it has grown on me a bunch. ┬áCheck it out if you havent already:

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3 thoughts on “LP Does It Again!

  1. LOL – yeah a bunch of their songs express anger….I think of it more broadly…like most music they are able to express many emotions. Alot of people think of it one way…that the music brings out anger or a given emotion in the listeners. I tend to think that it gives expression to already present emotions in the listeners. No doubt many of their songs have been able to give words to my feelings…much more than other bands could have.

  2. Good example of this is Burn it Down, which expresses typical feelings of post-modern deconstructionism.(love the 5 dollar words)

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