Floating Thoughts

  • Had a blast visiting Portland last week! Miss that place and those people a ton!  Sorry if I didn’t get a chance to see you, more trips are on the horizon.
  • My boss decided to give away one of my weekly days at work…I guess that’s one of the consequences of taking a vacation? #tighterbudget
  • Excited about a potential ministry job coming together soon.
  • After numerous drop calls recently on Sprint, I am very close to jumping ship after a decade on the carrier.  Speaking of cell phones…has anyone used the site: cellswapper.com
  • My niece got an iTouch for her birthday…we had our first FaceTime tonight! #happyuncle
  • Just a couple more weeks of my summer seminary class…excited to have some time off!
  • Trying the free trial of Spotify…love it but trying to figure out if it’s really worth $10/mo!
  • Read The Advantage on the flight…will post on it soon.
  • Saw this quote today and found it quite convicting: Someone else is happy with less than what you have.

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