Cool App: Spotify

Many of you will you will say I am late to the party and to that I say better late than never showing up!  I recently caved in and started the 30 day free trial of Spotify.  For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Spotify is a unique music app that allows you to play pretty much any artist and song you could think of.  I was very surprised at both how quickly new albums are available on Spotify…usually the same day they are released in stores! So yeah I was rocking out to Bieber’s new Believe album and didn’t have to step into a store and be seen buying a Justin Bieber album! (it’s actually pretty good music…the kid has matured alot). On the other end of the spectrum I was surprised at how many of the older discs that they have. For example I was driving one night and thought I would dive back into one of my favorite bands in High School: “The Doors” and again was amazed at the selection. They have all of their CD collection available in addition to some rare stuff like live concerts in cities throughout the world!  Spotify is a unique app because it allows you to share what you are listening to friends via the app or social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  This might seem annoying if you have seen a bunch of Spotify in your Facebook ticker lately…no worries you have the option NOT to share to Facebook and can even listen in “private” sessions so no one will know you are a closet Katy Perry fan :) Lastly they just added a new feature in the past week which allows Spotify to act much like Pandora…they added a “Radio” feature which picks songs for you based on artists or genre you select. This is awesome for those times when you don’t wanna to spend the time looking up someone to listen to and want someone else to do that thinking for you.

The app is very stylish and easy to use.  Its available on both Android and Apple’s IOS platform (the iPad interface is specifically nice).  Now there’s a catch…unless you pay the $9.99/mo subscription fee you can only listen via the desktop app which I hear also includes commercials :(  I recommend trying out the free 30 day trial which is unlimited access to all of their library on any of your devices.  My month will be up in a couple of weeks and if I am enjoying it as much as I am today it will be hard to say goodbye.

You can find the Android app HERE

The IOS app HERE

and the Desktop app HERE

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