Highlights from Reading: The Advantage

As an aspiring young leader I always take the opportunity to read books recommended to me by people whom I respect in leadership positions.  Recently on my flight to Portland I read Patrick Lencioni’s latest book “The Advantage” and I thought I would share some thoughts/quotes that I wrote in my journal.

An organization has integrity/is healthy when it’s whole, consistent and complete – that is when its management, operations, strategy and culture fit together and make sense.

Usually the difference between successful and mediocre isnt smarts but rather organizational health.

An organization that is healthy will get smarter over time.

Conflict without trust is politics.

If people don’t weigh in they can’t buy-in.

passive agreement – waiting for the moment when it fails and you say I never liked the idea anyway.

Quit waiting for the “right” answer – a plan is better than no plan.

Organizations learn from making decisions – even bad ones.

Most bad meetings come out of a lack of a rallying cry from the senior leader.

Great organizations unlike countries, are never run like a democracy. 

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