New Job!

With a great deal of excitement I would like to announce that I was recently offered and accepted the position of Student Ministry Director at The River Community Church in Howell Michigan!  As many of you know, the past year has been a long, challenging journey of applying/interviewing at various churches & organizations.  I had begun to wonder if it was time to redirect my search outside of the church as I struggled to find one that shared my philosophy and values.  I can honestly say that of the five churches that I interviewed at in the past 10 months The River is by far the best fit for my skills and experience. I guess it is still true that good things come to those who wait? I think it’s more accurate to say good things come to those who persist.

I start my new adventure on August 1st.  I will commute at first and plan to move to Howell sometime in mid September.  Thanks so much to those of you would regularly prayed for me in this season and sent encouragement my way. I appreciate your continued prayers as I start ministering at my third church.

The Best IS Yet To Come!

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