This Time.

My time away from vocational ministry has given me time to reflect on my previous two ministries and consider what I want to remain committed to and what I will strive to change this time around.

Remain committed to:

  • Being one of the hardest working, passionate members of the staff
  • Training missionaries to ensure hundreds of students are known, loved and cared for
  • Being a student of students & their world
  • Mentoring a few and being mentored myself
  • Professionalism and excellence
  • Networking with local youth pastors and building partnerships with established organizations
  • Teaching and leading with creativity
  • Being an advocate for the student ministry in the overall life of the church
  • Learning new ways of doing ministry: INNOVATE!

What will be different this time:

  • I will make time for a personal life…healthy boundaries
  • I won’t put programs before people
  • I will seek to integrate our student ministry more with the overall church
  • Not gonna get involved in useless politics
  • Will seek to release more ownership/tasks to volunteers
  • Will complain less and point out the positive more
If I had the pleasure of doing ministry with you in the past I would love your thoughts on what I should keep doing and what I might want to consider changing.
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