Floating Thoughts

  • Is it really August?!? #whew
  • September is gonna be cray-crazy! Moving, ministry kick-off and starting two more seminary courses!
  • Attended the Leadership Summit the past few days and got filled up with some good leadership thoughts.
  • This week I will be looking hard at places to live in the Howell/Hartland area. Any thoughts on places to check out or to avoid?
  • While Ryan wasn’t my pick for Romney’s VP I am warming up to the idea. Man it will continue to get interesting as November 6th approaches…which this year also happens to be my Birthday :) #87days
  • Dentist appt this week. First one in a couple of years…yeah not looking forward to it.
  • Have mentioned how much I am enjoying Spotify? If you haven’t tried it you should…I was a late adopter…but it destroys Pandora now with its added radio feature.
  • For those of you who miss my Friday Funny videos…check out this one celebrating the close of the Olympics:
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