A Knock at the Door

Though it is rare these days every once and awhile the stars align and you happen to be home the moment someone decides to knock on your door.The question immediately presses in on you: “Should I answer it? Who is it? What do they want?”  This happened to me this past week…and I didn’t answer. Usually my rule of thumb is I let them knock once and if they don’t knock again than I assume it’s a salesman of some sort.  If they persist and knock again than I answer to see if it is a neighbor in need or to tell the salesman to get off my porch. I felt guilty this time because my garage door was open and they could clearly see someone was home…I was just leaving to run an errand and saw the couple walking further down the block…I think I might have seen the guy slightly shake his head in disgust as I drove by. I always wonder how do these people make money going door to door these days? Do people still answer enough to make it worth the trip?

So do you answer when someone knocks at your door? (If you answer yes I may come by and test it out myself)

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