Showrooming…it’s all the rage with the kids these days and it’s completely legal! Ever hear of it? Basically it’s another way that smartphones are fundamentally changing our lives.  Here’s how it works.  You want to buy something so you drive to a local store that sells what you want to buy. For example tonight I was shopping for a new TV so I went to Paul’s TV and Best Buy both within 5 minutes of my house.  While at the store I did a good job asking questions and determining which features were important to me. Than I select a couple of models within my price range…now here comes the good part…I whip out my smartphone and select an app called: “Amazon Pricecheck.” The app allows me to scan a bar code if one is available, and if there isn’t than I can simply search by entering the code myself.  Instantly I find 40+ reviews from people who already have purchased this TV and many of whom took the time to write thorough reviews highlighting the plus and minuses of this particular TV.  This helped me determined the TV I wanted…and what do you know it’s offered $30 cheaper on with no tax and free shipping to my house!  Normally this would be the end of Showrooming…but for me I decided to visit Paul’s TV since it was right across the street and their commercials promised the best deals on TVs.  After hearing some lame talk from the salesman on the history of Paul’s TVs it was off to compare them myself. Turns out they had a Panasonic TV that had an amazing picture, price and I didnt see it at BB.  He was willing to match’s price which was $50 less than in their showroom, HOWEVER he had to order one from their warehouse and it would be 12 days to get it.  Not satisfied I checked on Best Buy’s mobile site to see if they had it to order from there website and have it delivered to the local Best Buy store. Sure enough they did! So I drove back across the street and ordered the TV I checkout at Paul’s TV, ordered to be delivered to Best Buy in 6 or less days for the lowest price offered on!

With showrooming the customer always wins if you know what you’re doing.  How we shop is radically changing as we speak.  If you havent tried showrooming for yourself give it a whirl!

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3 thoughts on “Showrooming.

  1. It’s always good to check with ABC warehouse. They are huge sales guys and you have to get through their soupy pitches…but when it comes down to it they do a pretty good job of getting you a good deal.

    I hope you enjoy your new tv!

  2. Oh I have been to ABC and my experience was not good…this was back when we were considering a dishwasher for my grandpas place…selection sucked and saleman gave me the old “I got to make money” plea…very unprofessional to make a plea to the customer to help them make money.

  3. Yeah…not much has changed in that area. They are still that type of place, they just have decent prices….and you can often get them to throw in free stuff, like a wall mount.

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