Floating Thoughts

  • Been a pretty stressful few weeks and it’s not gonna ease for a couple more. I am moving this Saturday to Howell!  Meanwhile seminary classes and full-time ministry continue.
  • Finished week two of my first series “Do Hard Things” at The River…crazy how different the crowd can be from one week to the next.
  • Being challenged pretty hard with my leadership in this new position…stay tuned for a post on that as I continue to parse out my thoughts
  • Dad is coming to town this weekend…it will be great to see him and have his help with the move.
  • I am thankful for being able to stay at my grandpas this past year but also excited to get into my own place again.
  • Glad fall is coming, it’s hands down my favorite season of the year.  Aside from family & friends it’s the one thing I missed about Michigan living out in Oregon.
  • Excited for these two shows this fall: Revolution & the return of The Walking Dead – who needs Football with shows like this? :)
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