Floating Thoughts

  • Been putting in 60 hr weeks the past few weeks…
  • Seeing Paranormal Activity 4 tonight…hope it’s better than the initial reviews are saying. Man Taken 2 sucked so bad. #movies
  • Picked up “Sex God” by Rob Bell today. Saw it in the bookstore and realized I hadn’t read it.
  • Speaking of books…I hate having to read a ton of books at once for seminary…hard to really digest any of them. #onemoreyear
  • 18 days till election day…which also happens to be my birthday this year (hint…hint)
  • Speaking of the election, think Obama is a shoe-in this year? Quit drinking the kool-aid…check out this latest electoral map HERE.
  • Taking a group of middle schoolers to Wiard’s Orchard tomorrow. Will be a nostalgic trip as I remember going there back when I first started in youth ministry some 15 yrs ago.
  • Spent 7 or so hours of this week on meetings/tasks related to our Spring Break trip to Guatemala. Stay tuned for more info on that as well as ways to support me/us.
  • Do people read blogs anymore? (a question still nagging me every time I post)

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