Just what does “GodSide” mean? Instead of trying to come up with something clever to explain it, I thought I would share a video with you that sums it up pretty well.IMG_6652Ever since I’ve been online I have always gone by the name “GodsideKurt…” I’m talking all the way back to the AOL instant messenger days (aka the mid 90’s).  So as long as you remember that handle you can find me many places around the net.I try to keep things as simple as I can living in this complex world.  

Ministry is my passion which is both personal and vocational. Currently serving as the Student Ministry Director at The River Community Church in Howell, Michigan since August 2012. Previously I served as Middle School Director at Sunset Pres. in Portland Oregon for 6.5 years and got my start in ministry at NorthRidge Church in Plymouth, Michigan. Completed a Masters of Ministry & Leadership at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon in 2013. I am ordained with the Evangelical Church Alliance and am able to perform weddings, funerals and the main functions of church ministry.  If you are interested in any of those feel free to connect with me via my “Contact” page above.

-The Best Is Yet To Come

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