Short Break

Just wanted to let you know I am taking about a weeks break from the blog so I can finish this semester of seminary classes.  It’s been a heavy work load and I’m excited to be done with it. So stay tuned for my exciting posts from yours truly.

Thanksgiving Week

I am definitely looking forward to this week…

It seems like my life has been in a sprint since Sept 9th between Seminary & work and now I should be able to catch my breath for at least a weekend.  I don’t think most people outside of ministry can appreciate just what a break it is not to have a weekly program one week.  So what am I gonna do this week? Well…here’s some ideas

  • Get ahead in my seminary class
  • Play some Assassins Creed 2
  • Spend Turkey Day with the Campbells
  • Sleep alot.
  • Play Settlers of  Catan Friday with friends
  • More Assassins 2…
  • Miss my family…
  • Hopefully reconnect with some friends I haven’t hung with in awhile
  • Prepare for an important meeting Dec 8th
  • Play more Catan Sunday…
  • Something with you?

Here’s a great thought to start this Thanksgiving Week I heard this morning from Rob Bell;

Your overflow is someone else’s necessity.